What is a plastic bird netting?

Plastic bird netting is an effective solution to protect crops and crops from bird damage.

Plastic bird netting is an effective solution to protect crops and crops from bird damage. These nets are a useful tool for farmers and gardeners as they can prevent birds from feeding on fruits and vegetables, especially those with high market value.

This netting is manufactured from a polyethylene mesh that is very strong. This ensures that the netting is able to withstand wind and even rain to protect the crop from damage that birds can cause by eating your fruits and vegetables. This netting is lightweight but very strong, and can be found in a variety of sizes. Also is designed in such a way that it prevents birds from entering the field.

bird netting
The anti-bird netting is made of very strong polyethylene which guarantees a high resistance to rain and strong winds.

This is achieved thanks to the plastic mesh, which prevents birds from feeding on the crops,

restricting their movement and preventing pests. In addition, the netting also prevents other pests such as insects, reptiles or mice from reaching the crops. A major advantage of using

A great advantage of using plastic bird netting is that it is very easy to install, as it has a variety of supports such as metal poles, wooden frames and bamboo. These supports allow the nets to be placed anywhere they are needed to protect the crop. In addition, these nets can be cut and configured into multiple shapes, either round or square.

In addition to protecting crops, plastic bird netting can also defend the home from damage to perfection.

These nets can be placed around trees and windows to prevent birds from entering the house. This helps to keep out birds like ducks, cormorants, hawks, etc., which can cause great damage to the ecosystem.

Plastic bird netting is an effective solution to protect crops and home from bird damage. These nets are light, resistant and easy to install.

so we can be sure that our crops and home are well protected. At the same time, this netting contributes to the care of the environment by limiting the reproduction and damage that some birds can cause to the ecosystem.

What are the main characteristics of a plastic bird netting?

Plastic bird netting is a good solution for the prevention of bird damage in crops near urban areas. These anti-bird nets are made of PET plastic, a weatherproof material that offers abrasion resistance and durability.

Plastic anti-bird nets do their job excellently, since they have all these specific design features to adapt to any installation and situation.

This kind of netting has some very particular characteristics designed for its great usefulness,

from a protective point of view for the owner and his crop.

These main characteristics are as follows:

1. The design of the anti-bird netting is thought to allow the circulation of water, maintaining a high degree of permeability, which allows the evacuation of rainwater and the good drainage of the soil of the crop. This feature is essential to avoid moisture problems in the soil for long periods of time.

2. Anti-bird nets are weather resistant, which allows them to remain even under inclement weather conditions. This quality is also combined with its real resistance to abrasion, since it does not bend or break easily, which allows it to last for a long period of time.

3.It is resistant to rodents, having been proven that a correct installation avoids the entrance of mice and rats in the plot. This is a considerable additional protection to those crops susceptible to damage by these organisms.

4. These anti-bird nets are totally recyclable, so that, once removed, they can even be reused for the construction of other nets.

5. Its reduced dimensions ensure an excellent visual permeability, allowing the owner to enjoy its view. It also provides a good protection to the plot without providing a masking effect.

6.Finally, this type of mesh does not affect in any way the navigation of sunlight, so it does not cause excessively dark areas inside, which is a key point for the good development of agricultural products.

bird netting
The anti-bird mesh is designed with water circulation in mind, which maintains a high degree of permeability.

What is the function of a plastic bird netting?

Plastic bird netting is an essential tool in food production. This netting is used to protect crops from birds that sometimes destroy them. This plastic netting is thin, light and flexible. This means that it is easy to handle and does not create too much wind resistance. This netting is especially useful in crops where access to isolatable plants and plants is limited. This means that plastic bird netting can be used to protect tall trees, low-growing shrubs and other crops from birds.

The main benefit of plastic bird netting is that it allows farmers to control the number of forage birds entering the field without having to install fencing, baits, traps or any other control method. This netting is ideal for the most sensitive crops that are subject to a lot of bird infestation. For example, corn growers are aware of the problem that birds have in destroying their crops and in many cases choose to use plastic bird netting to protect them. In other crops, such as grapes, this netting is used to protect the fruit from beetles that often forage on grape bunches.

It is a versatile tool, as it is not only useful to prevent birds from foraging in the fields.

but also to control harmful insects. This netting is easy to install as it can be wrapped around trees and shrubs so that insects cannot reach ground level. This netting is also a useful tool for controlling dust and infestations. For example.

rocky scrub-covered mountains in arid areas have a high level of dust, which can be greatly reduced by installing plastic bird netting.

It can also be used to contain wild birds to prevent them from moving to other areas and contaminating crops with pests and diseases. This is especially useful for fruit and vegetable crops, which are susceptible to numerous pests. Plastic bird netting is also commonly used to attract birds to prevent them from destroying crops.

Plastic bird netting is an essential tool in food production.

This netting is useful in preventing birds from foraging in fields, controlling insects, reducing dust and containing wild birds. Plastic bird netting is also used to attract birds to protect crops. This netting is light, flexible and easy to handle, which makes it a very useful tool for farmers.

bird netting
Other benefits of bird barrier netting is to restrict birds from damaging your crops and eating the fruits.

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