Multipurpose Plastic Net

Industrial Nets for Application in Agriculture

plastic net used for protection against wild animals
The plastic net is multi-purpose for protection against external risk and support for the growth of the plant.

Plastic net has wide application in agriculture. It is to be found in the most various kinds. There are a lot of manufacturers that are specialized for agricultural nets production. The market demand for the plastic net is growing since the efficient and quality production of food is top one priority. It has several advantages in comparison to stainless steel mesh or wire. As the plastic net is made of polyethylene and polypropylene it performs multiple resistances to water, high temperatures, and chemicals. Plastic net shows also the great stability when under pressure. Elasticity is also one of the favored features, especially if used in trellis netting. You can select the adequate net searching through several categories: color, material, thickness, size of the aperture, and dimensions. The choice depends on the purpose. The net suitable for bird control is not optimal for the trellis. As nets are final industrial products, the range of features is wide. Patterns are also various: diamond, square, and oriented. Most common cut sizes and bulk rolls are available for almost all industrial nets while apertures and thickness you should choose in accordance with the intended purpose. The best advice is always to consult professionals who can help you to find the exact product. Pay special attention to the offer of certified manufacturers. Your investment has to pay off in accomplishing higher productivity of your crops and reuse in the next seasons.

plastic net providing support to plants
The plastic netting helps to your crops providing the best support for the growth.

Plastic Net Common Features

The perfect plastic net for your crop depends on the purpose but some features are common for all types of nets. The structure is supposed to be breathable and to provide open-air conditions. Since it is corrosion resistant there is no danger of rust. Water can flow freely. Saving cost is also important. Reuse in the next season is an economic solution. Plastic has a lot of varieties and it is important to think about the material before final choice. High-grade raw materials are recommended. If you choose proven manufacturer, you can be certain that the net will be in accordance with industrial norms. The quality net is supposed to fit easily.  The right size is also important. UV resistance and durability are praised features that many nets have in common. They may be in charge of bird control and trellis netting or their purpose would be to protect plantation from the heavy weather conditions and insects pest. The final goal in all cases is to improve the production and add quality to products.

plastic net chickenmalla for poultries
The plastic net is multipuropose having a variety to puropose in the field of agriculture and in the animlas protection.

Different Kinds of Protection

Breeders around the world protect their crops with the plastic net during the whole process of growing. The net has to be reliable and it directly influences the reinforcement of the crop. Industrial standards for nets are very stern. If the net is functional, durable, and breathable it will benefit the production. The crop is the valuable asset that deserves the protection. To protect the crop, netting needs to be applied using modern techniques. If properly applied, it guarantees production improvement and successful harvest. Except for the pest control or the trellising, the net is often applied for the sunlight protection in the large gamut of shades. It is essential for greenhouse growing. Some fruits and vegetables need support to grow vertically, and plastic net provides reliable assistance in the process. Plants receive an equal sunlight and they grow faster and undisturbed. Speaking about pests, birds are among top five that put your crop on risk. Fortunately, it can be prevented by applying the proper protection.

Birds Protection and Further Benefits

guacamalla net for protection against birds
The bird net is a resistant net for protection against the bird attack.

Birds are fruit-eating pests and they especially like berries. You can apply for the light protection over small spaces, such as backyard or garden, while for the larger spaces, heavy protection shows much better results. Berries grow on bushes, and you will need to cover them entirely. The problem with annoying birds is to be solved quickly, and the net itself has further advantages. Custom sizing may be modified to the adequate measures. The small investment will be beneficial in many ways. Accept holding the birds at a distance, netting stabilizes UV radiation, and weather conditions cannot influence your crop as much as before. Open nets provide enough air circulation for every plant. That prevents the mold build-up. Mold can cause serious damage apparent in the discoloration of fruits. Any damage to your crop whether caused by birds or the mold reduces the value of your crop and affects the harvest. Your trees can also be protected by implementation of nets since it is also a target for pests or it carries a risk of mechanical damaging.

Net as a Must Have Equipment

guacamalla net installed for home's protection
You can use the bird netting for protection of: houses, gardens, builidings, etc.

By implementing plastic net on your crop, your plantation will experience a lot of benefits at the same time. Bird pest protection, organized vertical growth, and an equal exposure to sunlight are only a few of them. Consequently, it reduces your costs for pesticides, the plants have enough air circulation and water, and they are protected from UV rays. Nets are affordable and considered as one of the best investment to secure your crop. They are persistent, lightweight and made of premium quality materials that not only protect from predators but have a list of further benefits. The installation is also easy and fast and you won’t need to engage a number of workers to adjust it to your crop. Once installed it will last for the whole season, and if properly maintained it will last for much more. You can count on the reuse next year. The main consequence of the net implementation is a much better environment for the growth of your plantation, higher yield, and more quality production.

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